Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nalan Eryigit - 5 things I love about Film

Nalan Eryigit is a Literature student and photographer based-in Istanbul, Turkey. Like many other photographers, Nalan started out shooting with a digital and just recently got into shooting film when her cousin showed her his print outs that he took with his film camera.
"I was so infatuated with the shots I had just seen, that I myself couldn't wait to get my hands on a film camera but, the only problem was I had no idea where to get one and how to use it.
Much to my streak of good luck, I had found a place which had a few cameras in hand and had my cousin to show me a few of the basics. And now it was time to put them to test. After I had done shooting, I had gotten my photos processed and had no idea as to what to expect when I had gotten them in my hand. I looked at them one by one and was astonished at the fact that I had done so well in my first trial and more amazed at the fact that all 36 shots had been developed. This motivated me to go out and shoot some more. And the more I shot the more I got into film photography and the more I enjoyed shooting with film and I have been shooting ever since.
I primarily shoot portraits. I love nature and I tend to include it in my photography as much as possible. Photography, being art itself is a form of imitation and therefore, it is also safe to say that it is art imitating life itself. Anything I get inspired by I tend to use it and add my own twist to it and consequently, come with something different. In essence, that is what my work is based on."
Here are five things she loves about film

1. Painstaking: You only have a few shots in one film so you either make it or break it. I am not a very careful and observant person. I tend to be less meticulous and more inattentive. Film encouraged me to pay attention to specific details and do things in a thorough manner.

2. Creativity and Imagination: I believe, film enhances your ability to a more extensive imagination. You can use your creativity in variety of ways. Whereas, in digital cameras you don't have much of a chance to show your creativity. Everything is automatic and ready for you.

3. Difficulties: From putting the film into your camera and from getting it processed film, is full of difficulties. Difficulties which bring great joys.

4.The wait: I am a very inpatient person. I tend to be very frustrated and aggressive when I have to wait for certain things. However, not knowing how my photos are going to come out and waiting for them as they are getting processed makes "the wait" worthwhile waiting and exciting.

5. Sensational: Shooting with film, I find myself go into a sensational world that I had never been in before. After I get my photos processed, I am startled by the way the photos come out. They are nothing like how photos come out in digital cameras. In some sense they seem as if they have been edited with variety of effects. The colors are sometimes rich and vibrant and sometimes dull and unlively. And sometimes the photos come out unclear, blurry and fuzzy. With their peculiarity, the photos depict very distinct feelings and emotions that no digital camera can ever portray.

More of Nalan Eryigit's work on her Flickr photostream.

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