Monday, February 11, 2013

James Crouchman - 5 things I love about Film

James Crouchman is a 27 year old British photographer living in Sofia, Bulgaria. He got into photography as a teenager when his dad bought him a Pentax P30. After using digital cameras for some years, James decided to go back to 35mm. He still use the P30 and a Pentax Spotmatic till now.

Here are five reasons why James Crouchman loves film:

1. It Requires Patience

We live in a world that demands istantaneous results. Photos can be shot, uploaded, shared or deleted in seconds. Film photography requires patience, firstly to load the film, then compose and expose the shot, then to unwind and finally to develop. In such an impatient world, it's good to wait a little sometimes.

2. You See Your Subject Differently

With film, there's no second chances. So you study every detail of the potential photo, every angle and viewpoint, every stream of light and colour. When shooting portraits, you want to take your time with the person you're getting on film.

3. It's Beautiful

The straight-out-of-the-camera contrasts and tones on black and white films can't easily be reproduced on digital. Equally, digital photos have the tendency to look balanced, flatter and just more digital than film. There is a depth and warmth to film photography that I love.

4. You Treasure Everything

It's always a shame to delete a photo. With film, you learn to appreciate every shot and discard nothing.

5. The Sound

I love the sound of winding the film. And the distinctive 'ping' of the Pentax P30 shutter.

More of James Crouchman's work on his Facebook and Flickr photostream.

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