Monday, February 25, 2013

Interview with Romana Camenzind

Welcome back to 23 year-old Swiss photographer Romana Camenzind, who's famous known under her nickname paularoïd with analogue photography and digital under a bird flies. Romana shared us her five main reasons why she loves film photography before. And today, we asked her to tell us more about herself and her passion in photography.

Hi Romana, can you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm 23 and I'm from Switzerland. I'm studying psychology and I love music and to travel and to see more of the world. With photography I like to capture fading moments before they're gone. It gives me the feeling of permanence and importence accorded to a single unchanging moment.

How did you first get into photography? And why film?

Ever since I can remember I was into photography. When I was a kid I used to steal the compact camera from my mom to document everything around me. I was fascinated by the possibility to capture the world through my eyes. I first started taking photos in a more or less serious way when I was about 18. I had an operation and I was incredibly bored and began to document the healing process and everything around me. It became a bit more precisely when I started to take my camera with me, whenever I felt like taking pictures and capturing some moments. My final project in school was about photography and that was the moment photography became a kind of a part of my life. I got my SLR a Canon 450D - and that was the moment I totally fell in love with photpgraphy.

I started with film photography out of pure curiosity. I longed for something new, something different. I bought this huge diana f+ set with different lenses and stuff and started to experiment. It felt like a challenge and I was fascinated by the result. I wanted more. And one day, there was this lovely Canon AV-1 at a flea market. I had no idea if it still worked and how to use it or anything, but I just felt like I really had to buy this. And a few months later I can't live without it anymore. I capture my life with this beautiful little thing. And digital goes much further away then I ever thought it will be.

While I'm taking digital photos, I most of the time express my feelings, my emotions and what is going on in my mind, my thoughts, my inspiration. I mostly take selfportraits. Film does more express my surrounding. What I see and feel in a particular moment. What fascinates me and what calls my attention. Fading moments I'd like to capture before they're gone. Film is full of poetry. And digital photography is full of possibilities. But they both are feeling like a visual diary too.

Film vs. Digital. Do you have a preference between the two?
I actually do not prefer one more because I use both in very different ways. But these days I definitely fancy more film. There is no special reason for it. It's just like that.

What film cameras do you use and which is your favourite?
I have a Diana F+. It's more a toy. But in a very positive way. There really exists no rule how to use it. Just do it without thinking. Go wild and crazy. But my current camera is the Canon AV-1. Since I'm in possession of it I'm taking it everywhere with me. It already was in Thailand, Austria, France, Germany and of course in Switzerland!

I really wish I could list some more film cameras. But there are no more. But it will continue for sure.

What gives you inspiration?
My inspiration is my life. The surrounding. My feelings and thoughts. The music I listen to, the people I spend time with.

Tell us which of your photos do you like especially, and why?
I like 'psyche or like scope' a lot because it was my first film photo. And it will always remind me of it. I like the blue tones and the fact that it is a double exposure. It's kind of moving and calming at the same time. It's an atmospheric photo. And that makes it special to me.

Another one is 'dark paradise'. This person is very important to me. She's my friend since we're kids. And I think that friendship will last forever. I really love the engaging eye contact and how the dark water surrounds her, she's like part of nature. A perfect symbiosis.

Again a double exposure. And it shows a very lovely 'accident'. There grows a tree in her heart.

Romana, thank you for the interview.

More of her work here:

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