Saturday, February 9, 2013

Interview with Kate Pulley

Kate Pulley is a 20-year-old photographer based-in Tennessee, USA. She uses a variety of film cameras including vintage polaroids.
"With a dark whimsical touch, and an adoration of nature, I love shooting on film. I am best known for my Polaroid shots, but enjoy anything I can get my hands on. Most of my portraits feature my twin sister, Amanda. No, I will not write this in the third person."
We asked Kate more about herself and her passion for film photography

Hi Kate, can you tell us more about you?
I am twenty, craving travel, a lover of instant film, nature, and sweet things.

How did you first get into photography? And why do you shoot mostly film now?
I moved away from home, at 13, and spent a lot of time alone, turning to the internet for a lot of social deprivation. Ha! I eventually stumbled upon, which inspired me enough that I went out for a Polaroid camera and joined the site. I had always loved Polaroid, but was told they were a waste of money, with digital (or even cheaper films) around. I haven't regretted it for a second. Instant film will always be magical to me. It is a wonder.

Do you remember what was your first film camera?
I got to play around with cheap point-and-shoot 35mm cameras, or disposables, when I was little. But nothing lasted, in my collection, until I went out on my own for them.

Your photographs are mainly girls with perfect natural lighting, what emotion are you trying to convey to the spectators of your photographs?
I can't say. There is not a specific emotion I aim for, it's all in the moment. Framing just happens, when something catches my eye. I love strange, dark, beautiful vibes. Nature, seasons, light, shadows, hands, expired film-tones; all very big draws, to me. I love when a photo of mine makes me feel something, even before anyone else sees it. Then I know it's worth the effort.

Who & what are some of your influences?
I have a lot of photographic influences, via my time on flickr. Especially of foreign lands and adventures, or intimate moments. (I mean that in the prettiest, most innocent, way.) For portraiture, I tend to like faces that are hidden, or very strong portraits, which I think means I am inspired a lot by moods, more-so than set-ups and posed expressions. Music and nature are hugely impact-full, as well. Just stumbling across the beauty in life.

Any message for other film photographers? Or maybe a tip you would like to share?
Film is not obsolete, which you lovingly know, if to this point. It will not come to be. It has it's own traits, and glorious imperfections, that digital can only be disguised as. Once you find your style, that is it. It is you. You cannot stray too far. Just playing around with films and cameras is more important, to me, than reading into the technical. (I learn better by seeing and doing.) Anyway, I'm not worthy of giving out one-sided tips. Just keep creating.

Thanks Kate for taking your time with us.

More of Kate Pulley's work on her blog, Flickr photostream, Facebook and Tumblr pages.

If you're interested in purchasing her prints, visit her online shop here. Or you can purchase a book of some of her Polaroids here:

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