Thursday, February 28, 2013

Interview with Gloria Marigo

24 years old Lecco/Italy based photographer Gloria Marigo started taking pictures more than 5 years ago. Her work looks vintage, simple, and just wonderful. We featured Gloria days ago with her great series of Polaroid. And now, we asked her more about herself and her wonderful photography.

Hi Gloria, can you introduce yourself?
I'm Gloria Marigo, I'm 24 years old and I live in Italy. I love art, TV series and chocolate chip cookies. I dreams to working with Tim Walker, photograph Joaquin Phoenix and open a studio of my own.

For how long have you been into photography? And why film?
It's almost five and half years of love till now. I have not started my photographic career in an analog manner, I discovered and I fell in love only in recent years. The reason I approached this world? Well, because it is something fascinating, interesting and magical and came up very well to what my style, my mood to take pictures.

What film cameras do you use and which is your favourite?
During this time, I'm using a lot lot of: Disposable cameras (I have to say, they're giving me great satisfaction), Polaroid Pinhole camera, the Yashica FX-3 of my mom and; my favorite of this period,
the Fuji Instax Wide (that I really, really love!) In the past I used the Polaroid Spectra (which I plan to return to use), a Polaroid 600 and a different models of Lomo.

Your photographs have a vintage quality. Talk to us about your background in photography?
I've always been fascinated by vintage and soft tones, perhaps initially, I reflected a little, so I tried to apply them to my photography. I am now in the process of change, I'm changing as a person and as a result, are changing my photographs.

Do you have a favorite film photographer?
David Hamilton

What made you want to pick up a camera and keep shooting?
The tireless desire to take pictures. Always, always, always.

Gloria, thank you for the interview.

More of her work can be found here:

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