Friday, February 22, 2013

Featured Blog: Snap It|See It

"First off, we love instant photography. Like really, we love it. All forms, from Land Cameras and 4×5’s, classic models like the SX-70 and 600’s, to the several Medium Format cameras with pack film backs. Admittedly, we have a soft spot for Impossible Projects new integral films. And we cant leave out Fuji’s Instax cameras, and the fun images they produce." - Snap It|See It
Snap It|See It is a photography blog dedicated to instant film and ran by film enthusiasts Chris Kale, Francisco Chavira, and Justin Molina. Snap It|See It includes film and camera reviews, how-to technique, and one of the most exciting things is their artist spotlight page with interviews of artists who shoot instant film in order to help promote the use of instant film and hopefully keep the once almost dead medium alive.

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