Sunday, February 3, 2013

Charlotte Strange - 5 things I love about Film

Welcome back to Portland, Oregon based teen photographer Charlotte Strange, who shoots mostly film. Charlotte was featured once on Shooting Film by her series "Terrible Angels". And today, she'll tell us five reasons why she loves shooting film.

1. Each picture is important. On a digital camera, you can take thousands of pictures just for one good one, but if you've only got 12 or 24 or even 36 photos, you do your best to make them last. In this way, more emotion goes into each photo--it's one of few.

2. There's a nostalgic quality to it. Looking back at pictures of my parents and grandparents, they were all taken on film. Shooting on film is kind of my way of connecting with that feeling of nostalgia--it's one of the best ways to transport myself back to a time that i often subconsciously idealize, as well as concrete my own memories into an art form that i've related so firmly with youth.

3. It's imperfect. On film, you could literally take the same picture from the same spot and angle twice in a row, and both images would come out completely different from each other. The grain of the film, the shades of color, they all vary slightly unpredictably from photo to photo in a way that makes each one unique and allows the viewer to cherish the photo's imperfections.

4. Feels/sounds the camera makes. This isn't true for all film cameras, but with the 35mm slrs at least (plus more) there's this sound when the shutter goes off and also the film makes a little whir sound after you've rewound it that i love.

5. The process of getting film developed. Once i get the materials to do it myself it will be a bit different, but whether i'm getting it done at fred meyer's or doing it myself, there's something in waiting anxiously for the film to be developed, to see what came out etc...this kind of delayed gratification makes the feeling of getting a good photo infinitely more exciting than if you could see the picture right away.

Find out more of Charlotte's work on her Flickr photostream and Tumblr page.

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