Monday, February 18, 2013

Bait Nicart - 5 things I love about Film

Bait Nicart is a systems analyst and street photographer from Cebu, Philippines. Bait has been shooting since 2007 and started out with digital cameras then. "A year later I (re)discovered film when I saw an office mate's lomographs. I was a bit bored at that time so I tried it out." said Bait

Below are five reasons why Bait Nicart loves shooting film.

1. It develops. Now it could be the film itself. Or maybe it's your photography skills. Or that feelings you've been harboring for your friend who also likes film. Whatever that is - when you're using film something will definitely develop.

2. It has soul. I hate how digital shots are so clean. Maybe hate is too strong a word. Okay. Yeah. I definitely hate it. Somehow all I see is a facade of the shot. I don't see depth; I don't see soul. Film somehow captures the soul of that something your capturing. Your message gets embedded to the photo a bit more with film. There's something supernatural about it. Or maybe it's just me.

3. Uncertainty. With film you don't have the luxury to see your photos right after you take them. You'll have to wait. And most of the times (specially when you're starting out) the results aren't so great. That uncertainty is a plus for me. Just like life you can't be sure of anything and film will give you just that. I like surprises and film definitely surprises me when the pictures come out.

4. No Chimpping. Chimpping - or that habit of looking at your shot right after you take them - takes you out of the shooting process. It makes you worry about the little details that most of the times you need not worry about. With chimpping you rely on that "many" shots you can get of the moment. You forget the basics of photography (rule of thirds; exposure; etc). With film you're forced to learn these basics and I think everybody will be better off with it.

5. It connects. Whenever people see me carry a film camera they'd always have that look. And most of the time (if not all the time) they will ask me why I still shoot with "that kind of camera". And with that I get to interact with them. Sometimes taking a picture or two. Then I get to have more friends. That is a reward in itself right? :)

More of Bait Nicart's work on his facebookjux and lsi pages.

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