Sunday, February 24, 2013

Auto Winder 72 Advertisement, 1980

Ilford HP-5 72 exposure roll / Auto Winder 72 advertisement, 1980

HP5 Autowinder kit introduced enabling the processing of a 72 exposure length of film, a frame length suited to cameras with motor drives. The 'HP5 Autowinder' film base was made of thin polyester so that the circa 10feet (3m) 72 exposure film length could be accomodated within a standard 36 exposure cassette.

The kit comprised a special processing tank with a stainless steel reel capable of holding the full length of film, loaded from the centre outwards by a hand wound loading device (see illustration). The tank (believed made by Kindermann but marked Ilford) required 400ml of processing solutions. The Autowinder cost £12.25 and the tank with spiral cost £11.95 (Fishwick's 1st Nov 1982 catalogue).

(via Japan Camera Mag and Photographic Memorabilia/ILFORD Chronology)

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