Monday, January 21, 2013

Wonderful Lomo Fisheye Shots

All of these shots were found in the fantastic lomo fisheye group, for people playing with Lomography’s fisheye camera.

selfportr by Lida Litle

A fish's view of NYC skyscrapers by kevin dooley

uk lomo 03-02 by Girla Obscura

Palmeraflor y cinco dedos by Armando Castañón

Looking up the Sky, from the Tree Side by BoSi Himself

Anche le mucche nere danno il latte bianco (proverbio toscano) by Mas-Luka

Dream Lake by {peace&love♥}

roots out,, by Lomobaires.

Sceth by 25ThC

❤ by ⚓SvetK.

(via Flickr Blog)

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