Sunday, January 27, 2013

Portroids: Candid Polaroid Portraits of Celebrities

Using a Polaroid Spectra camera, Rick DeMint - founder of Portroids, has been documenting the people he's met by taking Polaroid portraits of them and having the photos autographed, since October 2003. Rick travels a lot to many places and enjoys attending film festivals, comedy events, theater, and just seeing who he may meet by exploring various cities. He has collected almost 1,400 so far. And here, we sellected some of candid celebrity Polaroid portraits from his 'Celebrities' collection.

Al Pacino

Adam Brown

Martin Freeman

Dan Stevens

Keegan-Michael Key

Graham McTavish

John Krasinski

Ewan McGregor

Aidan Turner

Dean O'Gorman

Zach Woods

Connor Ratliff

Will Hines

Silvija Ozols

Shannon O'Neill

Chris Gethard

Richard Armitage

Michael Delaney

A portroid is a Polaroid Portrait. I thought combining the words into "portroid" sounded better than "polatrait".
To see more of Rick’s portroids, visit his website, Flickr photostream or Facebook page.

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