Thursday, January 24, 2013

New 110 Pocket Film from Lomography

After bringing back the 110 format of pocket film last year with the Diana Baby and Fisheye Baby cameras, Lomography is keeping the format alive and kicking with new films. The newest addition: the Lomography Peacock 110 X-Pro Film!

After years of discontinuation, this is the first 110 slide film back in production. Fall in love with the crazy contrasts and sensational saturation you can get with this explosive slide film. Gorgeous greens and brilliant blues are just waiting to pop out of your prints with this vividly tantalizing film!

Need some 110 cameras? The Fisheye Baby 110 and the Diana Baby 110 are fun, stylish, affordable and some of the most pocketable cameras around. You can pick them up in their online shop.

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