Saturday, January 19, 2013

Marisa Lo Zito - 5 things I love about Film

Marisa Lo Zito was born in 1987. She currently lives and works in Florence, Italy.
"I started a little over a year to shoot with analog camera and I am passionate about the polaroid when I found out that my parents have photographed their trip to Paris with only a Polaroid 1000. I thought it was a romantic choice and I decided to do too unique photographs."
Here are five reasons why she wants to shooting film

1. I love to load my camera, take pictures, finish the roll of film, wait for the development. Is a ritual, how to prepare coffee with mocha.

2. The colors of the film are full of surprises.

3. The film opens new worlds

4. With the film have an idea and then it becomes something else. and often you like best.

5. The film ultimately becomes pure obsession. And I will never cease to learn.

More of Marisa's work can be found on her blog.

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