Friday, January 25, 2013

Inside Yodobashi Camera's Film Coolr

Yodobashi camera by revliedberg

IMG_2273 by Blacknoise

Yodobashi Camera's film cooler in Shinjuku by tokyo camera style

Ganbare, Kodak-chan~ by timdesuyo

Yodobashi camera film fridge by tocalosh

films. shinjuku by jasperparnevik

film fridge 2 by goemon

#favorite #fujichrome #film #cooler #yodobashi #velvia #picoftheday #instagram by cchrisj

OMGFILM by nuzz

Japan #13: Film! Film!! Film!!! by zane&inzane

a film store in Shinjuku by peta-W

Kodak films by Jun Seita

Fujifilm by Jun Seita

OMGFILM by nuzz

OMGFILM by nuzz

OMGFILM by nuzz

According to Wikipedia, Yodobashi Camera Co.,Ltd. is a chain store mainly selling electronic products. Currently, there are 21 stores in Japan. It also maintains two online stores in China; one with a limited selection of products from its Japanese online store through SBI VeriTrans that supports payments by UnionPay, and another it operates itself that does not but has a selection more closely matching its Japanese store.

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