Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hundreds Film Camera Sculptures Made of Plaster, Glass, Stone, and Sand

Artist Daniel Arsham has an exhibition at Philadelphia’s Fabric Workshop Museum called Reach Ruin, which includes hundreds of cameras sculptures created out of plaster, glass, stone, and sand.

Nikkormat cameras made from plaster

The Nikon Nikkormat FT made from sand

A Pentax K1000 cast in sand

A Nikon Nikkormat FT made from glass

Pentax K1000's made from plaster

Crushed glass Nikon Nikkormat FT and a black stone Canon EOS 6D

Requiem for a Pentax, in blue

Image credits: Photographs by Daniel Arsham/OHWOW Gallery Los Angeles, via PetaPixel and Wired.

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