Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Interview with Bastian Kalous

Today, we'll back with a German photographer Bastian Kalous in an interview after he shared with us things that he loves about film. Bastian shoots film only, most with instant films in expired. The resultant images are gorgeous and somehow strange.

Hi Bastian, can you tell us more about you?
My name is Bastian Kalous. I am 31 years old and i live in the south of Germany, in Bavaria next to
the boarder of the Czech Republic and Austria. In the near, about 10 minutes with the car, there is a
National Park, the Bavarian Forest.

How did you get started and interested in film photography?
That's my biggest influence.

Since I have started shooting photos about 4 years ago, I walk through the woods with the eyes
wide open. There are so many impressions I want to capture on film. Actually i am using expired
Polaroid film. I started to shoot Polaroid films because I wanted to get these magical flames and
crazy colors in my pictures. They are creating their own magical worlds.

Why instant films?
When I take my backpack with the cameras and films, I am slipping into my own little Instant-World.
For creating my world I mostly use three cameras.

There is a SX-70 Land Camera from Polaroid. With it I shoot the integral films like the old and mostly
very expired Time-Zero film, the one with the flames sometimes, and the new produced Impossible
Project films.

What cameras do you use? Do you still remember what was your first camera?

For the Packfilms like 669, 664, 665, chocolate type and id-uv's I use a converted Pathfinder 110a
Land Camera. Also designed by Polaroid. It was originally built to shoot Rollfilm-Types from
Polaroid. Also instant films.

The biggest camera I have is a wooden 4x5 Wista Field camera. Shooting the sheet films with this
beauty is the most interesting thing for me at this time. There are so many different movements for
creating a special mood of mostly every scenery. You can perfectly choose which film type, b&w or
color or sepia, you want to use. Perfect for the landscapes I walk through.

What are some of your influences?
The main reason why I love to shoot instant films are the magical colors but also a very nice aspect
for me is to see immediately the result of the shot. Mostly I am hiking for a few hours to hidden and
lonely places and it would be really hard to go back again and again when the film wasn't good or
something. The next good thing about instant material is that I can hold a real picture in my hands
and I have to put it in a box to bring it carefully home. What I also like is the smelling of the picture.
Vintage and good old chemistry... So delicious!

Bastian, thank you for the interview.

Head forward to Bastian Kalous' Flickr stream for more of his work.

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