Friday, April 25, 2014

Girl with a Rangefinder

A rangefinder camera is a camera fitted with a rangefinder: a range-finding focusing mechanism allowing the photographer to measure the subject distance and take photographs that are in sharp focus. The history of rangefinder cameras goes back to mid-20s of the last century when Oscar Barnack presented Leica A, the camera that started the era of 35-mm photography. Even now, almost more than 80 years later, rangefinder cameras still find their place in bags of many professional and amateur photographers for many reasons. Today we present a gallery featuring 12 interesting photos of girl with a rangefinder camera.

canonet_020 by mariczka

shiny by unexpectedtales

e l e g a n c e by neamoscou

filme.005.minolta.xgm.3.2012dez7 by Juliano Verardi |

untitled by sevgigürcan

self. by Agata Solyga

moi deux by AKproject

20131122_艾薇 by 左 撇子

untitled by Teófilo

1/52 - Camera by Fede*93

mirrored by dustbowl ugly

Lucia with a Rollei 35 by Duccio Pugliese (BrebFilm)

Share your photos or find more of photos like these in Girls with Film Cameras's group.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Expired Film Photography by Alisa O'Connor

Alisa O'Connor is a photographer and photo editor based in Brooklyn, where she recently returned to after just completing an MA in Photography & Electronic Arts at Goldsmiths College in London. "I shoot 35mm, as well as medium format on my Mamiya 645," she says. "I mostly use expired film for the trippy color/grain variations. I travel a lot and most of my work is based on a kind of road trip mentality, making souvenirs out of otherwise everyday scenes."

Here's a selection of her work on expired films:

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Minolta X-700 Disassembled

Minolta X-700 Disassembled by MarkBpWatling

Consists of...
Main body parts - 56
Screws - 91
Springs - 32
Cogs - 21
Spindles - 10
Levers - 46
Strap pieces - 10
Circuit boards - 12
Rings - 25
Split rings - 10

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Beautiful Landscapes from Airplane Windows

Landscapes are popular subjects with photographers but seeing the world from above gives us a different perspective on the world. Patterns emerge, nature shines and cities feel colossal. Here we offer a selection of 12 stunning analog photos shot through an airplane window.

ic802 by ellfin

006414 by /amf

Southern Alps from the air by Tom Poynton

Late summer on Mount Denali by Giant Ginkgo

untitled by SakariM

untitled by annie bates

Vulcano by Xax

Lake Te Anau 1979 by NettyA

The View of a God by colonelchi

San Francisco Bay Salt Marsh by SF EYES

56-016 by nick dewolf photo archive

England by mäkelä

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Looking Through & Back" by Ken Stein

Ken Stein is a photographer based-in Brooklyn, New York. He has been taking photographs since 1979 and has worked as a staff photographer for newspapers in New York City, exhibited his street photography in galleries around the world and has recently begun to shoot weddings, theater, studio head shots, fashion editorial portfolio work, musical and belly dance performances on a regular basis.

His work as a photography teacher has been nationally recognized by a variety of educational and philanthropic organizations.

"Looking Through & Back" is a photo album featuring candid shots of daily life in NYC subways in the 1980s. The photographs are pulled out of storage from his slides and "it's like a portal back to my teenage years when I dreamed of going to art school to become a photojournalist."

All pictures were shot with different Canon FD lenses and either a Canon AE-1 (1980-82) or a F-1 (1983-89).

See more of Ken Stein's work on his website and his Flickr photostream.

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