Thursday, November 24, 2016

Interesting Double Exposure Film Photography by Bojan Đurišić

36 year-old Serbia-based cinematographer Bojan Đurišić was featured on Shooting Film in 2013, now coming back to share more of his work with us.

See more of his work at his website.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Amazing Black and White Landscape Film Photography by Giulia Zazzi

Giulia Zazzi is an Italian photographer who grew up in a small town on the Italian Alps “but I've been living in Bologna for five years, where I'm a student in Oriental Cultures.”

Giulia shoots mostly on film, especially black and white film photography. Her work focuses mainly on nature and people. “Photography often leads me back to the mountains and there I try to capture their ever-changing landscapes.”

See more of her work at:

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Benoît Linder - 5 things I love about Film

Benoît Linder is a French photographer, living and working in Strasbourg. “Although, I use digital cameras for my work (corporate, portrait, stage), I still love using films cameras for my personal work. I do still process and print all my B&W films myself. So here below are 5 main reasons that keep me love shooting film.”

1. Shooting film allows me to slow me down. I feel less like working and it is easier to get in contact with people when they notice you have a vintage Rolleiflex, they might also be more open to be photographed.

2. Negatives and slides are really beautiful in themselves. I love watching them, holding them... It's a very sensual experience and of course they are unique!

3. Film cameras are strong characters, choosing one, means struggling with its limitations and, if I am lucky and inspired, I might be come up with a really interesting result.

4. Mistakes, especially while printing in the darkroom, are to be cherished because they help me being more creative. Printing is like playing music, it's like trying to get the best out of sheet music and sometimes it works, sometimes not. Anyway, you're always getting better at it!

5. I love watching prints, B&W ones made in the darkroom. Each one is unique, just like a human being.

See more of his work at his website.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Beautiful Film Photography by Tsia Labadze

Tsia Labadze is a Georgian photographer who is living in Tbilisi. She has been shooting with both film and digital. “Photography is not a profession, but it is my hobby, and always play an important part in my life, especially film photography.”

Take a look at her work.

See more of her work at:

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Destiny Villazana - 5 things I love about Film

Destiny Villazana is an American photographer who comes from Houston, Texas. “I specialize in portrait photography of all sorts but my stand out talent is my use of double exposure with my Canon A-1. I dabbled in many different types of artistic mediums in the past but film photography is the only one that I feel truly passionate about. Listed below are the five reasons I love film.”

1. Types of cameras and curiosity. I've only ever used Canon 35mm cameras and I know that if I ever got my hands on a Mamiya 7, any Nikon F series, or a Hasselblad, my heart would stop and my palms would get sweaty. I'm more than satisfied with the cameras I have used but I can't help but wonder what other cameras can do, what made them so legendary, who got to use them, and how can I utilize those features. There will always be that level of curiosity to try out new cameras and I think it would only help me become a great well-rounded photographer.

2. Guessing. If I read about a certain technique like zone focusing, or pushing and pulling film, getting that practice roll back is so much fun. I love when you've finished up a roll or two and you just say to yourself "I hope I did that right." I love the experimentation that comes with film. Every technique and every setting and every chemical work together to make something great but when you're not taking it so seriously, when you're just having fun with it, no matter what you get back those photos are so much fun to get back. I think getting into a system when you're shooting is perfect but I always try to be fun and experiment under any circumstances.

3. Trust. You can't see the photos until you process and scan them, so you end up having to wait a good while before you even see them. Your subject has to trust in you that you know what you're doing and they have to trust that they look great and you're giving your rolls to people you trust to handle your work. It's a big cycle of understanding that this is an art form and it takes time.

4. Intimacy. I don't do my own processing but I do my own scanning. When I'm scanning a photo and I see it load on my screen and when I post it somewhere I know that my hands physically touched that photo. Knowing that my hands physically cut that roll, I dusted my scanner, knowing that someone took the time to process it for me makes me really proud to use film. I made my photos with my own hands.

5. Style. Film overall has a specific look that can be duplicated over and over again but it's those photographers that I admire that take it a step further. Real artistic photographers that keep pushing boundaries of what they can do continue to inspire me and make me wanna do more and play around more and learn more. If there is one thing I've learned it's that you can never stop learning.

See more of her work at:

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