Friday, January 30, 2015

Will McBride – Tom Boy Girl with Apple, Munich 1966

Image © Will McBride

Will McBride, born 1931, is a photographer in reportage, art photography and book illustration. His photo essays appeared regularly in various German magazines. With the sexual revolution was in full swing, McBride’s work includes sex, nudity, drugs and politics and has experienced censorship. He is also known as a painter and sculptor. McBride died on January 29, 2015, at a hospital in Berlin at age 84.

In the following excerpt taken from Will McBride’s official website, he speaks about his views on photography:
A Photographer has only one thing to give to his photography. His whole being. The photographs should be the result of this involvement with the life around him. 
Each photographer, beeing a unique in dividual, resorting to his unique and individual experience, should produce work of unique and exeptional quality. 
A photographer, in order to give his utmost , must be able to recognize his own beeing by the study of it, making constantnote of the growth or regression of his beeing, or stagnation of his beeing in order to confront the life around him and withhin him and to position himself in order to make the picture. 
All photographs are “made”, not taken. 
Without the feeling of responsibility to the audience, perhaps the mere taking of pictures could be considered an immoral act. 
The responsibility to the public should be even greater than to the means of con veying the photograph to the public, be it thourgh a magazine and the editors of that magazine, or a book and the publisher of that book or a movie, and the producers of that movie, for all these conveyors of the photographer’s experience as expressed in his photographs are essentially commercial enterprises selling the commodity of visual experience and entertainment. For methe true meaning of photography or the fundamental endeavore of the photographer is to notice, measure, relate the visual evidence of the changes of the development or the destruction (which ever you prefer) of the life and society going on around. 
The photographer automatically chooses his subject matter in relationship to the extension of his beeing for it is the path of the photographer through his life that is registered on his photographs and as such is autobiographical.

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It's Snowing

Winter is always harsh. All activities are difficult in this season, and it is much more difficult when it's snowing.

Some street analogue photos below will show a part of this.

April Snow in Red Square by mrhollygolightly [ Joel Aron ]

200801-M4P-1600PR-10021 copy by maddoc2003jp

snow day by ho_hokus

.Let it Snow II. by Utopian ph. | film for Black&white prints

canterbury in snow by jamesroberts88

Rollei35T_Snow_20120123_20 by Jun Takeuchi

. by anna nycz

Snowing on İstiklal Avenue, Istanbul by santela*

Sun and snow by magastrom

Going through snow by

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Jack Motley - Me and my film cameras

Jack Motley is a 20-year-old British photographer, based-in Sheffield. He started shooting film for about 2 years ago, and since then has never stopped this passion.

Jack who has been featured on Shooting Film shoots mostly nature and people. He sometimes loves to shoot himself for fun and has several self-portrait photos that he shot with his film cameras would like to share with us.

See more of his work at:

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Stunning Landscape Long Exposure Film Photography at Night by Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts is a American photographer, based-in Nagano, Japan. He started shooting seriously for about 10 years ago with a digital SLR camera, and “a year or so later, someone was kind enough to give me a Minolta CLE and from then I got hooked on film.  Now I pretty much only shoot on film.   I always feel like I am missing out if I use digital.” He says.

“Nagano is a beautiful area surrounded by mountains”, it's a main reason, also an inspiration that makes him love to shoot mostly landscape and nature, especially at night or in low-light conditions. “We only have a short life and a few opportunities to capture images that matter so might as well do the best we can to make those feelings and images last on film.” He adds.

Ben also loves to use long or double exposure methods, or sometimes with both in his photography. This always makes his works become creatively beautiful and attract the viewers.

See more of his work at:

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

With Bulb

Bulb is not only a light supply material, but also an object that photographers sometimes shoot with their models.

Here are some interesting analogue portrait photos shot with bulbs.

bulbs recreated by Scott.L


Untitled by Alex.Springer

peering by Adele M. Reed

Under Construction by - ♥ Cherie ♥ -

when all is poured into itself, whats left is all but your escape. click her

... by Mind Her Design

Untitled by volzotan

IMG_3704 by renato cruz santos

Josi V by Erik.Groß

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Beautiful Colour Photos of Coney Island in 1961-63 by Aaron Rose

When Aaron Rose began photographing Coney Island in 1961, he bypassed the bluster of the theme parks and sideshows for the more intimate interactions of beach dwellers. Wielding his camera surreptitiously, observing as if from a neighboring blanket, Rose documented a “sun-baked melting pot” of beachgoers of all ages, ethnicities, and walks of life, each one utterly unselfconscious, absorbed in a world of his or her own.

He spent the next three summers documenting it, developing the photographs himself and showing them to a few friends, or to no one. One of the earliest art photographers to use C-print paper and chromogenic processing, Rose made images with rosy tans and cool whites that were inspired by the summer skin tones he saw around him.

(All images by Aaron Rose, Courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York)

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