Monday, October 24, 2016

'Details' - A Creative and Amazing Portrait Film Photography Project by Stefania Papagni

Stefania Papagni is a 24-year-old Italian-French photographer who is living in Potenza, a city in southern Italy. She was featured once on Shooting Film before and now coming back to share more of her amazing work in a film photography project called 'Details'.
“I never had a good relationship with my body, like almost all the girls. Every time I look at my reflection I find so many defects all together that sometimes I can not see anything good. So one day I thought I would not look all together those that I have always considered my imperfections and with the help of a mirror I discovered that taken individually, those details were not that bad. 'Details' is a collection of analogue self-portraits of some details of my body.”

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Peter Scrufari - First Roll of Film Ever

Peter Scrufari is an American photographer who is living in  Louisville, Kentucky. “I became interested in photography about a year and a half ago and bought my first film camera in February of this year (2016). I bought a Canon AE-1 with a 50 and started shooting Portra 160. My first role was really just of anything that I saw that I thought looked nice, some of them turned out just the way I wanted and a few looked dreadful.”

Peter is currently a student and a barista at Quills Coffee. Photography is just his passion but it always plays an important part in his life. “Currently my focus is mostly landscape and street documentary photography. I recently began experimenting with black and white film and I'm learning the importance of good composition and exposure. I plan to begin shooting medium format film soon (when I can afford another camera).”

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Black and White Portrait Film Photography by Gabriele Rosati

Gabriele Rosati is a 20-year-old Italian photographer who comes from Florence. “I started to study photography from last year, in an academy call APAB in Florence. I absolutely love analogue camera, and I usually shoot with a Camera Disposable, using flash and
playing with contrast.”

Gabriele shoots mostly people who can be friends or unknown. “I observe a lot the hidden movements of human, which I think represent the true soul and insecurity of them.”

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Incredible Black and White Film Photography by Pauline Brgs

Pauline Brgs is 30-year-old freelance photographer who is living and working in French West coast (French Brittany - Roazhon).
“I take photos since I was a child, only with analogue cameras: Nikkormat, Nikon F301, Zeiss Ikon, Rolleiflex, Rolleicord, old Russian cameras, and old compact cameras; sometimes I use my Polaroid Land. I develop my photos in my lab at home since few months, that's really magical. For me, the photography is very intimate, it's almost indecent to reveal all my photos, I possess dozens of files with hundreds of photos and lot of slides. I think it's a great method to be able to have some control on my life, my past and my future.”
Pauline shoots mostly on film, especially black and white. “I am inspired by the past, childhood, my family, my friends, my dreams, my joy, my suffering, my city, my travels, the holocaust, cinema (very important in my life), contemporary art, music, painters, war photographers, photographers, maybe a bit of my lovers...”

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