Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vintage Technological Collections

A vintage technological collection includes technological things as radios, televisions, electric lights, cameras...which were produced and used for very long time ago and may be in use nowadays. They're of course quite old but always make us nostalgic.

Now let's see some vintage technological collections shot by film cameras.

Untitled by Dykstran

Radio days by Ladida_photo

elma by una.knipsolina

風吹人老,曲惹人惱。 by *YIP*

Vacuum tube radios (Polaroid) by Silverscape

ANALOG_SOUNDS by casualthinking

norway 9 by dorosblack

still life frozen in time by JustAPretender

Old Tech by Ryan Duffy2009

old radios by mattymac71

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Interview with Samy Sfoggia

Samy Sfoggia is a visual artist who works with photography and drawing. She was featured on our website once over 1 month ago and today she came back with us in an interview to share her especial photography working.

- Hi Samy, can you tell us more about you?
I was born a long time ago (ok, maybe not so long), but I like to say that I am 19 (who cares if it's not true? Just so you know: I am having a quarter-life crisis!). When I was a kid I thought the world was small. Today I know that only the city where I was born is small. That is a shame, because I like to walk and get lost and here I always know where I am. I wrote an essay about the act of walking. I believe that people think better while walking, while they are moving. Something so simple, yet so brilliant. So every day I walk down the street and ideas come into my head. I can walk 723 km in a day, but unfortunately my thoughts continue to be chaotic. For that reason I try to express my thoughts through images. I need to take the chaos out of my head.

- How did you first get into photography?
I was studying photography at university and really having fun because I discovered that I like to spend hours in the lab rather than shooting. I use photography as a work material, but my artwork is not limited to this medium. I like the process of developing the film, enlarge my photographs onto photographic paper or scan the negatives. Everything happens so fast nowadays and it's amazing when you feel as if time stopped when you're in a darkroom.

- Analogue vs. Digital. What makes analogue/film photography more special than digital?
The grain of the image, undoubtedly!

- Your analogue photos are really creative and amazing. Who & what are some of your influences?
Wow, thanks! My influences are the movies of David Lynch, the books of Franz Kafka and of the totally unknown Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky, the photographic work of Tono Stano, my back pain and sciatica, my anxiety, the nightmares I have every night …

- Do you have projects in future in photography?
Yes, I am thinking about including more photographs on Rapid Eye Movement series. Furthermore at the moment I am inserting objects like pins and nails in printed photos. Thus the image becomes a 3D object. That has been interesting.

- Any message for other film photographers? Or maybe a tip you would like to share?
I believe in the idea “just do it and have fun!”

Samy, Thank you for the interview!

See more of her work at her website.

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Film Photography by Kale JF

Kale JF is a 33 year-old Canadian fashion and beauty photographer, based-in Vancouver. He first started to shoot at age of 16 when "I spent a summer shooting photographs on film with my mom's old Canon Canonet." After that he didn't take a photograph until he moved to Paris 10 years later where he's felt in love with shooting again. "Last year I found an exactly same camera that I took my first photos and started shooting with film again."

Although most of Kale's professional work is done on digital, he still has an especial love for film. And hereafter are some analogue photos that he wants to share with us. They were shot all on Fuji Superia 400 film.

See more of his work at:

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Analogue Photos of Animal Funny Faces

Animals, especially pets, with their funny faces always make us smile, laugh. These are actually the instantaneous moments that we rarely catch by photographing.

After analogue photos of animal funny faces are the moments that were mentioned above.

...Belly up. by bokeh

What a face! by kathyp.

Pup by Seth Basista

Hippopotamus in the water by richard.alton

that face by davebias

your face by subway rat

Is this face not the most irresistible thing you've ever seen?! by clo.a.lpz

Making Faces by Meleager

Mitrich by Andrei Sorokin

Sookie by Caroline Alexander

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Amazing Coincidence! Photo Taken at Same Time and Place as in a Scene from 'Vertigo'

Vertigo is an American psychological thriller film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock. By amazing coincidence, it seems that a photographer with a camera being in the same place at around the same time when the film was shot in San Francisco, California in 1957. The photograph shows almost exact the same scene from the movie with the same cars lined up along the curb.

Screenshot from the movie via Petapixel

Street scene of San Francisco via Shorpy

Accrording to PetaPixel, the story began over at the vintage photography blog Shorpy, where a member named Ron Yungul submitted a vintage photograph that was captured by his late father on the hills of San Francisco in August, 1957. The photograph was taken by using a Contax camera and Kodachrome film. The Bay Bridge can clearly be seen in the background.

Compare the two shots a little more closely, PetaPixel pointed out that "Yungul’s father must have captured his photograph within minutes of Hitchcock passing by and shooting his."

(Streets of San Francisco: 1957 / Shorpy, via PetaPixel)

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Amazing Portrait Film Photography by Cristóbal Andrés Escanilla Severino

Cristóbal Andrés Escanilla Severino, also known as Cristóbal Escanilla, is a 24 year-old Chilean photographer also video maker, based-in Santiago. He first got into photography while studying Communication Studies at the institute in 2008.

Cristóbal who was featured once on shootingfilm over 1 year ago shoots both film and digital but most of them are emotional analogue portrait photographs with natural light and nostalgic, beautiful moments.

See more of his work at:

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