Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lady photographer with a heavy tripod, ca. 1960s

Lady photographer with a heavy tripod. France, ca. 1960s. Photographer unknown.

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Guelder-rose Fruits

Viburnum opulus, common name guelder-rose, is a species of flowering plant in the family Adoxaceae (formerly Caprifoliaceae) native to Europe, northern Africa and central Asia.

Guelder-rose fruits look like blueberries at first glance, but red. And here are some analogue photos of them.

f00104b Guelder-rose by Bemep

43630023 by michael kirian

0850_016 - viburnum by AlexFG

viburnum by GoodDeedsMaster

lodjapuu - Viburnum opulus by RaigoTugedam

Viburnum 2 by Aleksander KO

Guelder Rose by Oleksandr Samoylyk

Viburnum by Rednippled

viburnum by Irish_Pug

viburnum by Chkyc

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Maija Karisma - 5 things I love about Film

Maija Karisma is a Finnish instant film photographer, based-in Forssa. She first got into photography in the mid-90s, but has really shot with instant film since last few years.

Maija who was featured on our website once over 3 months ago shoots mainly instant film, especially with expired Polaroid films. She has many reasons to always keep her passion for shooting film but here are 5 main things that she would like to share with us.

1. I love old instant film colours and tones.

2. When the films are old, they may behave in unexpected ways.

3. Old film processing errors, they make the picture even more interesting.

4. I can play around and be experimental.

5. The films have their own kind of spirit. I am lucky to have the opportunity to photograph old films as Polaroids.

See more of her work at:

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Stunning Portrait Black and White Film Photography by Tinh Tran

Tinh Tran is a Vietnamese photographer, comes from Bac Ninh. He first got into photography over 6 years ago with a Pentax K1000, but really has shot with film seriously since last 2 years.

Tinh who has just joined with us in a project called "5 things I love about Film" today came back to share with us his new project about portrait that he shot with Nikon F3 and black and white film.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Roofs

 Roof in Winter look like to be covered a new coat. Different roofs have different coats.

grimentz view 1 by yamatime

roofs by manni39

MR#5 by hannahschmucker

Snow Angles by christian.senger

Untitled by krisjkarlsen

don't you shiver? by oppositehand

Nürnberg by CeciMeeeaaawww

pink snowy roofs | LC-A by lomostream

Untitled by tatjana loves tea.

Straw and Ice by The 10 Thousand Things

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Polina Poludkina - Me and my film cameras

Polina Poludkina is a 22-year-old Russian photographer, based-in Moscow. She started shooting about 6 years ago with her father’s Zenit camera and since then has shot film only.

Polina who has been featured on our website for over 1 year loves to shoot portrait, especially with double exposure method. She also loves to shoot self-portrait and would like to share with us a few of her analogue photos that she shot with her film cameras.

See more of her work at:

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Creatively Damaged Film Photography by Kat Ward

Kat Ward is a 27-year-old British photographer, based-in Southampton. She loves to to find new places to document and explore. “I prefer to shoot film because it enables me to create ethereal worlds full of light leaks and lens glare. For me, these imperfections add to the magic.”

Kat who was featured on Shooting Film once in a project called "5 things I love about film" always has many ideas in photography. Her photos are different, creative and so romantic.

See more of her work at:

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