Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We can see people who painted their faces, and bodies; worn weird masks, and costumes. They are everywhere and express their odd actions. Yeah, they are celebrating the Halloween festival. Halloween is everywhere. It's time to say “Happy Halloween!”

Zombie by 4foot2

Coney Island NYC by D. McNamara

Ghost Rider by omalingue

Untitled by katie de bruycker

Shibuya by oceanus2007 (***busy***)

Eric and Nick on Halloween by Matthew Avignone

zombies. by Lick My Lens Cap

The Walking Dead by itsavayall

Halloween by BECK Keep Shooting !!

Subway Dreamland 35 by stevensiegel260

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Alexander Diaz's First Roll of Film Ever

Alexander Diaz, a 30-year-old American photographer, is also a MD/PhD student based-in Memphis, Tennessee whose work right now focuses on pediatric brain tumor research. He first got into photography in January of this year and since then has shot on film only, especially black and white, with his Nikon FM camera.

Today Alexander would like to share with us several photos of his first roll. “My first roll, Kodak Tri-X 400, was shot on my Nikon FM in my apartment. Because I hadn't purchased batteries yet, all the shots were taken without metering.”

See more of his work at his photostream on Flickr.

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Emotional Street Fim Photography by Akio Takemoto

Akio Takemoto, a 27-year-old half Italian and half Japanese photographer, is also a freelance videomaker based-in Bologna. He started developing his passion and skills for photography, also filmmaking while attending university. “I mostly use a Nikon FE and a point and shoot Ricoh AF-5, which is my favourite one, because it lets me have a simple and direct approach.”

Akio who completed the BA on Communication Sciences and finished the MA on Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production at Bologna University (UniversitĂ  di Bologna) is interested in the spontaneity of people in the streets. His street photos are usually natural and emotional.

See more of his work at:

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Dogs

Halloween is approaching and everyone wants to prepare the most impressive costumes for this festival. Not only for themselves, it's also for their lovely pets, especially dogs.

moose by Philip Mercier

Untitled by BlindTurtle

Untitled by e l e c t r o l i t e

*sigh* by tamara noland

Mowg and Jack by lauralani

Pug? No. Lion. by Jennifer Kehl

Halloween by

Jessie the famous Sheltie as Elvis [Film] by Robongiovanni

OMG by Ingorrr

Battle Beast by Zack Huggins

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Aleksandra Miskiewicz - Me and my film cameras

Aleksandra Miskiewicz is a Polish photographer, currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. She loves to travel and shoots everything on film but they are mostly her friends' portraits.

Aleksandra who was featured on our website once over 3 months ago would like to share with us some self-portrait pictures that she shot with her film cameras.

See more of her work at:

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"Treasured Cameras" - Beautiful Portraits of Film Cameras by Julian Calverley

Part promo piece & personal project, UK based photographer Julian Calverley has compiled a beautiful portrait series entitled Treasured Cameras of some of his favourite film cameras.

Each camera was photographed by using a Contax 645 & IQ180 back, and then edited by using an iPhone and Snapseed, before being uploaded to Calverley's Instagram feed. Unfortunately, him posting them to his feed with the hashtag #iphoneonly lead people to think he took the photos with his iPhone, which isn't the case. But the fact that he was able to edit them to look this good using Snapseed is mighty impressive.

Ebony Ti SV45TE

Nikon F3


Contax 645


Nikon F2A

(All images © Julian Calverley, via Imaging Resource)

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