Saturday, August 27, 2016

Oriol - 5 things I love about Film

40-year-old Barcelona-based photographer Oriol who joined with us in a film photography project nearly 3 months ago now coming back to share his 5 reasons that make him still love shooting film.

1. A better balance with my life.
Since I restarted shooting film one and a half year ago, I enjoy much more my free time: with film, each photo has a cost, and this forces you to slow down, which is not a bad thing. Now I take less pictures than before, but I focus only on the best possible images and I have much more keepers. I do not have the opportunity to look at the LCD after each picture, so at the end I enjoy much more my time with my family, specially when we travel together.

2. The tactile experience.
I love the simplicity and the lack of computers involved in analogue cameras. It feels much better to use an optical viewfinder, and you do not have to mess with long menus to setup your camera. In fact, in recent years many manufacturers of digital cameras (Fujifilm, Olympus, Nikon) are imitating the dials and looks of traditional film cameras. Still, the experience has nothing to do. With film, you just fix ASA, aperture, shutter, and you are done, which makes you focus on your image rather than in your camera.

3. The image quality.
Simply put, a digital image can not match the look of an analogue photo. The colour rendition, the dynamic range, and the depth make a difference. Indeed, most of the influential bloggers shoot with digital and post process their photos with VSCO, Nik, DxO or Mastin Labs to recreate the look of Portra, Velvia or Tri-X. On the other hand, I still have not met a single analogue photographer trying to emulate the look of digital!

4. No computers involved.
I admit: I hate computers. I already spend too much time in front of a screen at my office and surrounded by other screens (smartphones, tablets) and I love the fact that I do not have to post process any of my analogue photos. One year ago I found the right lab, and since then I am always happy with how my photos look out of the scanner. My work flow has never been simplier and easier.

5. I learn more than ever.
Film can be cruel, and sometimes you learn the hard way, even with small tragedies like forgetting a couple of times to remove the lens cap of my Holga, or not inserting correctly a roll of 35mm in my Canon A-1. And my first rolls of Portra were disappointing, until I learnt that I needed to overexpose them to achieve a better colour. However, this is a learning curve and it can be extremely rewarding: I started taking pictures 10 years ago and the photos I have been taking in the last year with film are far better than all the digital images together taken in the previous 9 years. For the first time, I am starting to enjoy my own photographies.

See more of his work at his Tumblr.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Beautiful Film Photography by Kevin Michael Klipfel

Kevin Michael Klipfel is an American photographer who is living in Los Angeles. He has been shooting on film mostly with a Leica M3 and a Mamiya Super 23.

Kevin focuses mainly on street scenes. “I am deeply interested, formally, in colour and shadow, and how I can employ film to capture fleeting moments that interest me on the streets. The photographs below are brand new work mine shot on the streets of Los Angeles, specifically in the Los Feliz and Hollywood neighborhoods, where I live and spend most of my time.”

See more of his work at his website.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Beautiful Flower Film Photography by Dan Donnarumma

Dan Donnarumma is an American self-taught photographer who is living in Rochester, NY. “I began doing photography two years ago, and started out shooting digitally. Recently, I got my hands on a Pentax ME Super and a Minolta X-1, and have really enjoyed playing around with analogue photography. When I'd shoot digitally, I'd always try to replicate the texture, grittiness, and unique qualities of analogue photography, so I felt it was only appropriate that I'd start to dabble with analogue.”

For Dan, photography is a way to capture the beauty that “I experience in life, a way to document my experiences, and a means to have a creative outlet for the craziness that goes on in my head.”

See more of his work at his Tumblr.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Amazing Portrait Film Photography by Sara Lorusso

Sara Lorusso is a 21-year-old Italian photographer who is living in Bologna where she creates mainly analogue images that are inspired by her love for live, especially daily things like waking up, kissing her boyfriend, through photography.

“In this project I wanted to represent my ideal of sexuality , images that are a sophisticated, delicate and intimate metaphor of sex.”

See more of her work at:

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Interesting Double Exposure Film Photography by Danny Marsh

Danny Marsh is an English photographer, based-in West Yorkshire. “I fell in love with shooting film around 12 years ago when studying photography at college. We used to shoot, develop and print our own images in the darkroom which was so much fun.”

As a full-time photographer, Danny shoots digital images for his clients from Monday to Friday, “so on an evening and weekend I like to break the mould and switch to film for my personal work. This is when I invested in my first SLR Nikon FM2 which I still shoot on today. Over the past two years I have been focusing more on double exposures and film swaps, trading films with people from Europa and America. This is probably the most fun I've had in a long time because you really do have no idea what to expect from a roll of film!”

See more of his work at:

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